Joker123 online fish

Joker123 is another website that is getting a lot of attention.

The game that is highly popular, apart from online slot games, is that online fish shooting game, which online fish shooting game is a game Joker123 that has been viewed And it’s just a cute game for kids, but actually online fish shooting games.

It is very interesting in every way that online fish shooting games will be. Scroll down to read.

How are each type of fish different?
Another important point is that there are many different types of fish. In a well Sometimes there may be up to 100 fish in the pond ever. Each type of fish will be different. Where I will separate the fish into 2 main type

  1. Small fish – Small fish will have a large number.
  2. but less money according to the fish potential.
  3. Big Fish – Big fish are easy to spot.
  4. Because it has a large body size Than many small fish But on the other hand The big fish had a very high life force.
  5. But the value is very high as well.
    Special helper
    If you were to use a normal gun alone, it would seem a little mean.
  6. In which online fish shooting games have a special help For friends To increase efficiency In bounty hunting There are two main helpers in the fish shooting game.
    In immediate high destruction The friends’ guns will fire rapidly and more importantly, shoot for free !!!
  7. Golden Frog – The golden frog looks quite distinct.
  8. Same condition as well Shoot it to blow Anyone who shoots bombs will receive a tremendous reward, along with a group of fresh fish.
    Introduce fish shooting game techniques

And apply the techniques that I have introduced initially to assure that the profits are visible